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In this article, we will help you to have no problems with the cost and marketing and online publishers, and not to run into any problems in your work. One of the most widely used metrics in online advertising is Cmp, Cmp helps standardize the cost of advertising. 

What is cmp?

Cpm calculator stands for Cost per mille, which means cost per impression. Cpm is one of the most widely used metrics in the digital market. This metric indicates the cost that must be paid to the advertiser or website owner for each view of a web page.

How to use the Cpm calculator

  1. Put the desired number in the first box called campaign cost.
  2. Then enter your desired value in the Cpm box.
  3. After placing the corresponding number and digit, click the blue button at the bottom of the box and the tool will do what you want.

What is the difference between Cpm and Cpa?

As we told you dears, Cpm is used for advertising pricing on websites. Cpm means cost per view, but Cpa means cost per action, which is one of the criteria for determining the cost of advertising.

Advantages of Cmp

  1. Improving and improving credit.
  2. The possibility of displaying advertisements for the target audience.
  3. Improvement of conversion rate.
  4. Talking about the brand.

Disadvantages of Cmp

  • According to advertisers, correct and accurate calculation is not done.
  • Sometimes, some advertising platforms automatically increase the number of visits with fake traffic.
  • Uncertainty of the number of customers.

What is the Cmp calculator used for?

Most of the time, CMP is used in advertisements, marketing campaigns, social networks and internet markets and online publishers.

Cmp calculator is better on which computer?

The Cmp calculator on computers and desktops is less than on phones because the small screen of mobile phones has a size limit and the conversion rate is less evaluated in them.

What is the size of Cmp?

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