Convert CSV to JSON

How to Convert CSV to Array JSON in Python?

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What exactly is a CSV File?

A Comma Separated Values (CSV) file is a basic text file that contains a list of data separated by commas. CSV files are often used to transfer data across programs. CSV files are commonly supported by Contact Managers and Databases.

These CSV files are also known as Comma Delimited or Comma Separated Values files. These files mostly employ commas to separate or delimit data. However, sometimes additional characters, such as semicolons, are used. The idea is to export complicated data from one software to a CSV file before importing it into another program.

A Comma Separated Values (CSV) file has a straightforward format that lists and separates data using commas. CSV files are designed to facilitate the import and export of data from and to other programs. The generated data is readily accessible by humans and may be seen using a text editor such as Notepad or a spreadsheet application such as Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets.

What exactly is a JSON Array?

JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is a notation similar to dictionaries that may be used in Python by importing the JSON module. Each record (or row) is maintained as its own dictionary, with column names acting as the dictionary's Keys. All of these items are preserved as dictionaries inside a nested dictionary to form the whole dataset. It is stored with the extension.
What exactly is a JSON Array
The JSON format was derived from a subset of JavaScript. Despite this, it is referred to as a language-independent format and is supported by a variety of programming APIs. JSON is often used in Ajax Web Application Programming. JSON's popularity as an alternative to XML has progressively developed over the last several years.

While many applications use JSON for data transport, they may not save JSON files on their hard drives. Internet-connected computers engage in the exchange of data.

Python CSV to JSON array conversion

Consider the CSV file below as an example:


Now, we create a JSON file with no data, named samplejsonfile.json.

Here, we transform the data in the preceding CSV file to a JSON array and save it in samplejsonfile.json.


Import module csv using import keyword.

Utilize import to import the json module.

Put the contents of a random CSV file into a variable.

Transfer an empty JSON file to another variable.

Create a blank dictionary

Open the specified CSV file using the open() function.

Pass the supplied csv file as an argument to the DictReader() function of the csv module to convert the data of the given csv file into a dictionary.

Put it into a variable.

Using the for loop, iterate over the rows of the preceding.csv file.

Display row information for reference

Append each row's data to the JSON dictionary previously constructed.

Using the open() method in write mode, open the specified json file.

Pass the preceding json dictionary and indentation as parameters to the dumps() function of the json module to dump all the data into the gvn jsonfile variable (samplejsonfile.json)

Indentation is employed here for attractive printing.

The Termination of the Program.

How to Convert Comma Separated Values CSV to JSON using Node.js?

CSV is a comma-separated values file with the extension.csv that enables tabular data to be stored. This article describes how to convert CSV data to JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) without utilizing a third-party npm package. The primary distinction from standard conversion is that the values of any row may be Comma Separated, and as we know, various columns are likewise separated by commas.
In this method, the contents of the CSV file will be loaded into an array and then separated depending on a delimiter. All CSV rows will be transformed to JSON objects and placed to the output array, which will then be translated to JSON and a JSON output file will be created.

Txt to JSON Conversion

This Toolset will show you how to convert TXT to JSON using Microsoft Visual Studio's built-in converter or a web browser with AnyConv. With AnyConv, the maximum file size is 50 M