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In this article, we want to talk about a tool called Word counter, which helps you find the words of a desired text easily online and completely free. Find out the word, paragraph, sentence and even line count.

Toolskit engineers have helped you in calculating and counting the components of a text by providing a tool called word counter.
This tool is used for people who are in text editing and need to know how many words are in the text, for example, the person has an article available and wants to know how many words, paragraphs and lines are used in that article, and with Using the word count tool makes your work easier.

How to work with the word counter tool

  1. First, select the desired article and put it in the box.
  2. Then click the blue button called count at the bottom of the box.
  3. In a fraction of a second, this tool will show you the number of paragraphs, words, lines and characters.

This tool will help you not to spend a lot of time counting words and...Also, with its brevity, this tool contains many features that are very useful and practical, and it is one of the easiest ways to count words, paragraphs, lines, etc.

As you understood in the above, this tool is one of the most convenient tools that is online and completely free in Toolskit, which is at your service, you can use this tool to speed up your work and to Don't get in trouble. It is interesting to know that you can use various tools and calculators for free several times by entering Toolskit, you can help your colleagues by sharing these contents on your virtual page and your friends and by giving comments and suggestions. Let us know in this way.

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