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Case Convert Online

Case Convert is one of the very useful online text tools where you can change the uppercase and lowercase letters.

In this article, we want to explain how to convert the desired cases with uppercase, lowercase or mixed letters, etc.

What is Case?

In grammar, mood is a tool that shows the grammatical role of a word in a sentence.

How to convert Case

This tool has several different modes that you can do your desired conversions here.

  1. Put the article you want in the specified box.
  2. Click on any of the 4 options you want.
  3. Your conversion is done as easily and for free.

Case options are

  • Sentence Case.
  •  Lower case.
  • Capitalized case.

Sentence Case

Sentence Converter allows you to put any text you want into the box and it automatically converts it into a structured and regular sentence. By capitalizing the first letter in each sentence, it converts the rest of the text to lowercase letters.

Lower case

When you don't know how to get your text out of uppercase, that's exactly what the lowercase text converter does for you, it converts all the letters in your text to lowercase.
UPPER CASEUppercase will take any text you have and convert all letters to uppercase. Converts all lowercase letters to uppercase. And it also keeps capital letters as capital letters.

Capitalized case

The capitalization converter automatically converts the beginning letter of each word to uppercase, leaving the remaining letters as lowercase.
So you, the users, just click on the special option for each of the things you want to be done.

Some important points for you

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