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The JSON editor lets you change JSON files

The JSON text editor makes it easy to change, format, and check your JSON files.
Concerning this task
The following are some features of the JSON editor:

  • Highlighting the text.
  • Showing the range.
  • Compression and formatting of the source
  • Code folding
  • Matching the brackets
  • Syntax validation
  • Outline view


  1. In the Enterprise Explorer view, right-click your.json file or other file type that contains JSON code and choose Open With > JSON Editor.
  2. You can compress JSON strings so that they all fit on one line and don't have any white space between them. To compress JSON strings, right-click the editor and choose Source > Compress from the menu, or press CTRL + SHIFT + G. There is less white space between things.
  3. Right-click the editor and choose Source > Format from the menu or press Ctrl + Shift + F to make the content easier to read. Each object is put on its own line and the text is wrapped.
  4. You can use the visual indicators in the vertical ruler to expand or contract a region in the editor that goes with it. For example, you can make structural parts of objects and arrays that span more than one line bigger or smaller. To format a lot of text at once, click an indicator to change whether a section of the editor is expanded or collapsed.
  5. Right-click the vertical ruler and choose Folding > Collapse All to collapse all regions. In the editor, every area is hidden.
  6. Right-click the vertical ruler and choose Folding > Expand All to make all regions bigger. In the editor, you can see all of the regions.
  7. Save your changes.

JSON Editor Online

Online JSON Editor makes it simple to modify JSON data. Create your own JSON data now. You may use Json Editor to analyze JSON data in a tree view and verify JSON with error warnings.

What functions does the JSON File Editor offer?

It is beneficial to build and modify data-filled JSON files.
It offers newbies example JSON data.
The JSON URL may be loaded and edited using this tool. To edit, provide your JSON REST URL. After entering the URL, click the "Submit" button.
Additionally, users may edit the JSON file by uploading it.
after editing JSON data. Users may share it on social media sites by eith