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Various formats can be used to save images; the most famous is the JPG format, but there are other formats called PNG, TIFF, or BMP that are used in certain situations.If we want the size of a photo to be smaller than other formats, it should be mentioned that we should use the PNG format, but only sometimes it is better!
How to use the best tool in the toolset to convert a PNG file to a JPG file. We have provided you with a tool that will convert your files from PNG to JPG with the highest quality online for free in the fastest possible time.

How to use this tool to convert PNG to JPG

  1. First, put your PNG file in the box above.
  2. Then click the option to select the file.
  3. After selecting your file, there is a blue button called "Convert" at the bottom of the relevant box; click on it.
  4. After converting your PNG file, it will be converted into a JPG file.
  5. The file download link will be available immediately.

a variety of formats

In recent years, various formats have emerged, and in this article, we will get to know two types of them.
PNG and JPG There are two widely used formats that are the most used on the web.
It is used, and these two formats have differences that
We will review them in this section.

What is the PNG format?

You have undoubtedly encountered images in your life. A PNG file is a graphic file that is used for compression without losing the quality of images.

Advantages of the PNG format

  • The PNG file is small in size.
  • It can store a small number of colors—256.
  • The PNG format is used when we use a small number of colors in the images.
  • A PNG file is better for screenshots because it is not blurry like a JPG.


The PNG formatIt is heavier than JPG.

What is the JPG format?

JPG format, which stands for joint photo graphic experts group, is used in images that have a high number of colors and dimensions. This format works better than other formats and reduces the volume and causes lossy compression, causing the image to not have the original quality of compression.

What are the advantages of JPG?

In the information files, including a kind of GPS coordinate camera in which the recorded image is used, small file size, which is smaller than other formats and occupies a small volume.
Various supporters around the world provide great tools for

What are the disadvantages of JPG?

It is not suitable for printing because it loses its quality. When it is compressed, the quality of the image decreases. Everything about PNG and JPG is explained above.
which you can easily access by using this site.
Convert a lot of files; it's fun. 
Converter PNG to JPG
Find out on this site about other types of tools for There is also photo conversion...
Up to this part, we learned how to convert PNG to JPG and learned about its advantages and disadvantages. We learned that PNG is a light format compared to other formats and covers a small volume, and JPG is suitable for photos that are printed and They are not, because it loses its quality and causes dissatisfaction.It is interesting to know that images can be converted from JPG to PNG format if you needAs we said in the above section, on this site, you can use other tools that will help you very quickly and for free. Further, you can learn about the ICO to PNG format by clicking on this link.
I hope you use them and enjoy them.
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  1. How long does it take to convert PNG to JPG?
    On this site, you can convert the format as quickly as possible within a few seconds.
  2. Which browser should we use to convert any format?
    You can use Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, or Safari to convert any format, and of course this site helps you with great tools to convert any photo in the fastest time possible.
  3. Is it necessary to pay a fee to convert PNG to GPJ?
    No, this site does this conversion for free and online.

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